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KLBC/KCTY are the student-operated college radio stations that function as both a class and a club. The

class part is Radio-TV Activities (R/TV 25) and the club part is the KLBC and KCTY Radio Associations;

the radio associations are special interest clubs funded by the ASB. The ASB funding makes it possible for

KLBC and KCTY to operate as radio stations. This Policy Statement is intended to supplement the KLBC

and KCTY Radio Association Constitutions.


KLBC/KCTY provide:

A. A laboratory experience for broadcast students who receive college credit for participation;

B. News and information of college and community interest; and

C. Programming developed by the students, which may include music, cultural, educational, or

athletic programs.

The purpose is to provide broadcast students with instruction and practical experience in programming

and operating a radio station.


KLBC/KCTY are the voice of Long Beach City College. Our mission is to provide music, news, and

information programming otherwise unavailable to the college community.


If you can hear it on mainstream media, you won’t hear it on KLBC and KCTY. The music programming

focus is on new groups, new music, and cuts from established artists and discs that are not receiving airplay

on major stations.


The basic operating guidelines for KLBC/KCTY shall be those established by the FCC for noncommercial

educational radio stations. KLBC/KCTY policies and procedures have been developed by the student

management and approved by the faculty advisor. Pages 12 and 14 of this work book are two copies of the

Student Contract. Each student who wishes to work at KLBC/KCTY must first sign and date the page 14

contract in the appropriate spaces, acknowledging that (s)he has read the Policy Statement and agrees to

abide by its provisions; then remove that copy of the contract and give it to the general manager.


-KLBC/KCTY Policy Statement (cont.)


A. The artistic, entertainment, and educational standards of programming on KLBC/KCTY, whether

ad-lib or recorded, shall be:

1) in compliance with FCC rules and regulations;

2) consistent with college and community standards of decency, slander, sexual harassment, and


B. In accordance with the rest of LBCC’s programs and organizations, KLBC/KCTY’s music and talk

programming should:

1) celebrate diversity;

2) foster tolerance, respect, and appreciation for other cultures, races, religions, physical

infirmities, and sexual preferences; and

3) be supportive of the efforts of other staff members and station activities and events.

Presentation of programming inconsistent with the above standards will result in the loss of show

privileges; extreme or repeated instances will be referred to the dean of students and may result in

removal from the class or even from the college. When in doubt about any musical or spoken

material, check with the station program director and faculty advisor before airing.


. A. General Manager

1) Responsible for development and implementation of KLBC/KCTY’s mission statement.

2) Acts as a liaison with the ASB and college administration.

3) Represents the station at Board of Communication and other campus administrative


B. Historian (Class/Club)

1) Maintains a log and/or scrapbook of all station activities and events, including pictures,

dates, promotions, etc.

2) Develops and maintains a resource file on station alumni employed in radio or related fields.

C. Marketing Director

1) Directs all marketing and time-sales campaigns and events.

2) Plans and produces the station’s marketing-related materials

D. Music Director

1) Oversees music library acquisition and cataloguing.

2) Determines what recordings will be played.

3) Tracks new releases and reports airplay to record companies, CMJ, etc.

4) Maintains supply of playlist forms and checks to ensure music format is followed.

5) Appoints an Assistant Music Director who:

a) Assists music director with music acquisition, cataloguing, and tracking.

b) Picks up and sorts mail from the mail room.

c) Tracks music sales at local stores and reports findings to music director.

d) Performs other duties as assigned by the music director.


KLBC/KCTY Policy Statement (cont.)

E. News Director

1) Prepares campus news reports for airing in each hour of programming.

2) Oversees production of all other news, sports and public affairs programming.

F. Operations Director

1) Makes sure that all equipment is in working order.

2) Maintains Defective Equipment Reports and replenishes as needed.

3) Notifies maintenance engineer of equipment problems.

4) Makes sure the station is kept clean and organized.

G. Production Director

1) Writes and produces station spots, PSAs, promos.

2) Assists program hosts with their production projects.

3) Assists campus organizations with their production needs.

4) Coordinates station involvement in campus events.

I. Program Director

1) Develops and schedules all music, news, and public affairs programming.

2) Develops program log and gives updates to the traffic director as needed.

3) Develops and maintains programming hot clock(s).

4) Makes sure all shifts are filled, finds replacements as needed, and notifies general manager

when hosts miss scheduled airshifts.

H. Promotion Director

1) Coordinates and publicizes all station promotions and fundraisers.

2) Prepares all station promotional materials.

3) Writes and produces all station promos and PSAs and gives them to traffic director for


J. Traffic Director

1) Prepares daily program logs, makes sure they’re filled out properly, and reports any problems

to the program director and/or general manager.

2) Maintains files of program logs for two years.

3) Schedules promos, PSAs, spots, and other announcements according to the hot clock.

K. Training Director

1) Teaches all new class members how to operate station equipment.

2) Notifies program director when a newly trained student is ready to be assigned an airshift.

L. Treasurer (Class/Club)

1) Maintains station accounts.

2) Prepares financial reports for management meetings.

3) Coordinates necessary disbursements of funds with the station’s faculty advisor.

M. Webmaster

1) Maintains station website.

2) Updates and corrects as necessary.


KLBC/KCTY Policy Statement (cont.)


A. All participating students must arrange to be trained by the designated director of training and be

proficient on all station equipment as soon as possible, generally within the first three weeks of

the semester.

B. All new staff members must be cleared by the training director and program director before

receiving an assigned airshift.

C. Possession of drugs, alcohol, and/or weapons is forbidden in KLBC/KCTY’s studios and will result

in immediate dismissal.

D. Absolutely no food, beverages, or tobacco are allowed in KLBC/KCTY’s studios.

E. While on the air or while engaged in any other activity related to KLBC/KCTY, staff members will

adhere to the college’s regulations regarding sexual harassment and respect for all races, creeds,

religions, and sexual orientations. Staff members are also expected to be supportive of the efforts

of other staff, and of the efforts and projects of KLBC and KCTY.

F. Prior to the beginning their airshift, all program hosts and their guests are required to sign in

with Master Control--no exceptions. Studios and control rooms are monitored; hosts and/or

guests not officially signed in will not be allowed to stay and finish their shifts.

G. No guests are allowed in the station or studios, except for other staff members, without prior

approval of the program director or general manager at least two days in advance. The instructor

must also approve all guest appearances within the same time frame. A Guest Request Form

(available on line at must be completed, with appropriate signatures, and turned

into Master Control 48 hours in advance of the show in which guests will appear--no exceptions.

H. Program hosts are responsible for:

1) Filling out station logs, playlist forms, etc.;

2) Airing the promos, PSAs, and other announcements logged during their shift;

3) Refiling records, tapes, CDs, carts, and logbooks;

4) “Normal-ing” all equipment for the next host;

I. Important announcements will be posted in the station and/or emailed. Station personnel are

responsible for reading announcements and following their directions.

J. If it becomes necessary for a program host to miss an airshift, THE HOST IS RESPONSIBLE FOR

FINDING A SUITABLE REPLACEMENT (i.e., someone who will play a similar type of music)


THE SHIFT TO BE MISSED. If you are on the air and the next scheduled host fails to arrive

within 10 minutes of the end of your shift, you are responsible for bringing up the automation

computer on the board and notifying management before you leave.

K. Any student failing to abide by the rules or perform within the Policy Statement guidelines shall,

at the discretion of the faculty advisor, be subject to (1) a written warning; (2) suspension from

one air shift; (3) dismissal from airshift and/or management duties for the remainder of the

semester; (4) dismissal from class.


KLBC/KCTY have adopted the policy stated in Section 399(a) of the Communications Act:

“Noncommercial educational radio stations may not engage in editorializing nor may support nor oppose

any candidate for political office.”


KLBC/KCTY Policy Statement (cont.)


Rules regarding the use of the facilities include the following:

A. The facilities of KLBC/KCTY shall not be used by anyone for any personal enterprise.

B. Students will be allowed to use the KLBC/KCTY facilities to produce personal audition tapes for

use in applying for work in the broadcast industry.

C. Any periodicals, records, CDs, or tapes received by KLBC/KCTY shall remain the property of

KLBC/KCTY and may not be removed from the college without the authorization of the



A. KLBC/KCTY telephones should be used for station business only. Incoming personal calls should

be limited to three minutes. All outgoing personal calls should be made from the public phones

outside of the studios. Repeated violation of these rules will result in dismissal.

B. Incoming calls should be answered as follows: “Hi [or hello], KLBC/KCTY Radio, this is

_____________. How may I direct your call?” Proper telephone etiquette is essential to building

good relations with listeners and with the administration.


In the event that you receive an annoying or obscene telephone call while working at KLBC/KCTY, the

following guidelines will help you understand and deal with such a call. Section 653m of the Penal Code

makes it a crime to make telephone calls with the intent to annoy and defines such calls as follows:

“(A)Every person who with intent to annoy telephones another and addresses to or about the other

person any obscene language or addresses to the other person any threat to inflict injury to the

person or property of the person addressed or any member of his or her family, is guilty of a


“(B) Every person who makes repeated telephone calls with intent to annoy another person at his or

her residence, is, whether or not conversation ensues from making the telephone call, guilty of a

misdemeanor. Nothing in this subdivision shall apply to telephone calls made in good faith.

“(C)Any offense committed by use of a telephone as herein set out may be deemed to have been

committed at either the place at which the telephone call or calls were made or at the place where

the telephone call or calls were received.

“(D)Subdivision (a) or (b) is violated when the person acting with intent to annoy makes a telephone

call requesting a return call and performs acts prohibited under subdivision (a) or (b) upon

receiving the return call.”

To establish “intent to annoy,” the receiver of these calls should say to the caller that the calls are annoying

and that the caller should stop. The receiver should also tell the caller that future incidents will be reported

to the police. If this happens to you while you are at KLBC/KCTY, make a written report of the incident,

including times and dates of calls, contents of the calls, and a description of the caller, and deliver it to the

general manager.


KLBC/KCTY Policy Statement (cont.)


A. KLBC/KCTY shall be operated and managed by broadcast students from the Radio Activities


B. The election of student managers shall take place in class near the end of each semester for the

following semester.

C. In the case of disputes regarding managerial decisions, the instructor shall be the final arbiter.


KLBC/KCTY fall under the jurisdiction of both Academic Affairs and the Associated Student Body since

they function as both a class (for unit credit) and as an ASB-funded activity. The instructor shall determine

if an issue is class-related or activity-related and refer it to the appropriate administrative authority.

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