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Second Annual College Radio Day


Did you know that Long Beach City College has two radio stations?  Is the name Jim Ladd familiar to you?  Well, nestled in the quaint campus of LBCC are two wonderfully eclectic, student-run, internet radio stations, KLBC and KCTY.  And Jim Ladd, a radio student at this institution back in the late 1960s, went on to become one of the most popular DJs in the L.A. market over his 40-plus year career. KCTY and KLBC have launched the careers of many other radio personalities over the decades, and given hundreds, perhaps thousands, of producers, writers, engineers, and other behind-the-scenes radio employees their start as well.

KLBC and KCTY are preparing for an October 2 spectacular: The 2nd Annual College Radio Day—a worldwide celebration of college radio with more than 450 stations participating and more coming on board every day.  We’ll kick things off with a four-hour musical simulcast with special emphasis on local artists and bands.  Already inked to appear are solo acoustic artist Chelsea Parodi, folk rockers Paper Kites, new wave band Crush 333, pop rocker Jennifer Corday and acoustic artist Chowdy.  Following the simulcast, both stations are preparing special programming for the entire day.  The celebration will feature special in-studio guests as well as periodic updates from other college radio celebrations around the globe. Check back for more information as College Radio Day continues to take shape, or visit www.collegeradioday.com .

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College Radio has been played a role in American broadcasting since the 1960s, when the FCC began issuing class D (10-watt) licenses. Prior to that, campus radio consisted primarily of broadcasts of intercollegiate sports. But with the growth of college radio beginning in the late ‘60s, student broadcasters became a powerful force on college campuses. In the 20th century, college radio was often known as “College Rock,” or “Alternative Rock.” In the 21st century, college radio is free form, diversified, primarily non-commercial, programmed and managed by students, for everyone.

People often fail to realize the importance of college radio. Many of today’s best-known commercial radio personalities, such as Ryan Seacrest, Jim Ladd, Rick Dees, DJ Virman, and KFI Program Director Robyn Bertilucci got their start in college radio. It’s the birthplace for future on-air talent, as well as the programmers, producers, and managers of tomorrow.

October 2nd, 2012 is the 2nd Annual College Radio Day, “The Day College Radio Comes Together.” College stations around the world will celebrate with a full day of diverse, creative, and cutting-edge local programming, with periodic updates from participating stations around the globe.  More than 400 stations worldwide are already signed up with more joining every day, from the United States to Italy, all the way to Ghana, and even from Brazil and New Zealand.

Long Beach City College’s two student stations, KLBC.org and KCTY.org, will begin the day at 11 AM PDT with a broadcast of the College Radio Day Keynote Address.  Then the two stations will present a 4-hour simulcast from the LAC College Center, featuring local student and community musicians and performers.  Following the simulcast, both stations will continue to present special programming throughout the day.

USA Today says College Radio Day is “An event that encourages participating stations to tout their role in training students and helping unknown bands find an audience.” College Radio Day will provide an opportunity for student broadcasters to showcase their unique talents, and to celebrate the vital place college radio occupies in contemporary culture. We are pleased to invite you to be part of the simulcast from 11:30 AM to 3:30 PM in the LAC College Center, or to tune in to www.klbc.org or www.kcty.org for exciting programming throughout the day.

For more information about College Radio Day please visit: www.collegeradioday.com

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KLBC Promotions Director

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