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Sonya Bowie Part Three This Friday


HALLUJAH HALLA BACK KLBC listeners I pray everything is well with you this week. This Friday the Holy Ghost Party will continue to be in full force  on "God's Time is the Right " with our in studio guest, Sonya Bowie:

Sonya BowieSonya Bowie tells it like it is if you missed the last two weeks, she will continue to share in this series. Part Three of her story will be this Friday, of how she was spiritually bankrupt, the bottle was her dear friend, and if that wasn't enough she sold drugs and on her first sale got arrested and spent time in prison. God is Good Though! He brought her through the storm, so she would share with all of us!!! Listen in this Friday for part two of this dynamic woman's story Tell a friend!!! Feel free to call in so she can answer any questions you may have. Remember our story is not ours alone it is meant to help others!!!

See you Friday!


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Scott St. Louis this Monday 9/27 on Hangin' w/ Unkle D!


Scott St. LouisThe song writing is the magic behind the music and the delivery is amazing. The defining factor is the way the hook defies the odds. Each of the songs has a way of finding you in a quiet moment and taking over your consciousness. Scott St. Louis Singer, Songwriter. Musician. Lyricist. Producer. Guitarist. Pianist. Bassist. Drummer. From his origins in the dusty hills surrounding Fresno, to dark, penniless months spent fighting demons on the doomed streets of a post 9/11 New Orleans, Scott has painstakingly persevered to create a personal, yet universal musical dialog that speaks to all, a raw honest commentary that showcases his talents, the myriad of influences, and the personal triumphs and failures that have reached their zenith in his long anticipated solo release, a work that early reports have said finally combine the complex set of influences that have created his signature sound. Almost shocking in its honesty and humility, Scott St.Louis’ music has quietly brought him from CBGBs to the corporate halls of CBS, where he has crafted songs for television projects. Once dubbed one of "the top 5% of songwriters working in the industry today" his work reads like a who’s who of the vibrant undefinable world of underground Rock and Roll in Southern California. He achieved worldwide success with the notorious Ditch Bank Okies, playing on six international releases, Scott was also the main singer songwriter in Boss tweed and ThereGoI. In addition he has shared the stage with many others, including Rocco Deluca (whom played on some of the Boss Tweed Recordings) Mike Martt, Peter Case, The Cadillac Tramps, Tex and the Horseheads and members of Sublime to Bad Religion among others.

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