SoundWave 2015

SoundWave 2015


SoundWave 2015

Get ready for an incredible day of live music! Long Beach City College’s,,, and i.e. News are celebrating the music, bands and artists of the LBC and Southern California with SoundWave 2015. It’s our third-annual six-hour spectacular, May 14 from 10:00 AM –4:00 PM.

Our featured artist and bands include:

Jack Roberts Harvey Band, Justine Abigail, Apparition Railway, LBCC Jazz Big Band, HTG, John Fullwood, The Felt Fedoras, Kathryn Dean, Addam Scott, Tramp Iron Railroad and Johnny, Mark and the Ricks. The homegrown sounds of Southern California: SoundWave 2015, live on,, and YouTube, Thursday, May 15, starting at 10 AM.

SoundWave 2015

Our SoundWave 2015 lineup includes:


The Felt Fedoras
by John Clinebell

In an unexpected twist of creative events, The felt Fedoras organically formed from the heavy rock collaborations of SoCal producer/songwriter John Clinebell and accomplished Italian compose/guitarist Alessio Maraglia. When they were taking a break from writing rock songs, John noticed that Alessio played the ukulele beautifully. Immediately, they decided to write some uke tunes as well! The result? Short, sweet and tender vignettes usually lasting no more that a couple of minutes each. Simply ukulele and voice. Capturing little slices of life, The Felt Fedoras joyously celebrate through music the fleeting moments we hold so dear.


Johnny, Mark and the Ricks
by Johnny Delray

Over the last eight years, Johnny, Mark and the Ricks have performed their original songs at music venues throughout Long Beach and Orange County, most notably at the Coach House (opening for both The Motels and The Smithereens), The Blue Cafe, the Puka Bar and DiPiazza's Lava Lounge, For the past three years, they have been the opening band at the Orange County Fair, with the understanding that they were not allowed near the farm animals. They are currently planning their quasi-patriotic "What's Up, America?" tour and they need a ride. So does their equipment.

Based in Long Beach, California, Johnny, Mark and the Ricks released their first CD of 15 original songs entitled"By the Lights of the Pike" in September, 2009. They are still waiting for their Grammy to show up in the mail.

The boys are currently laboring in the studio to complete their second CD (packed with 13 new original songs!). Their new CD might be called "Just Like it Used to Be". Or it might not be called that.

Here are some "fun facts" about Johnny, Mark and the Ricks:
Their underwear is made of fine imported Chupacabra leather.
They all have the same middle name.
They have hundreds of their first CD left to sell. Literally hundreds.
The band's original name was "The Annoyers"


by Ty Carter

HTG represents Heritage in the most literal form, as they come from many different countries across the globe. This fully accomplished band currently of the Riverside area where they attend Le Salle University as music majors and are seriously mastering the art of music. These players not only hone in on their craft in the classroom but venture out into deep waters just like they have joined together by performing live in as many venues as possible year round. From campus performances with the World Famous "Simply Three" to the eloquent and extravagant banquet performance for the President of Bermuda, it was a very busy 2014 for the talented group of entertainers. Not to mention a few stops in our very own back yard of Hollywood at the always welcoming home for every imaginable and genre in the music industry The House of Blues. This magnificent mix cultural group has passion and talent to reach the Stars with great versatile range from a seasoned sax player to a duo of streaming rock strings that lead you down the road to a base of funk tunes you can groove to all while the gates to modern melodies rain down from the wonderful Keys of life. The Band "HTG" will definitely get you in the mood for a good time as they reach you with colorful tunes and brilliant orchestrations that highlight the various regions of the world from which they came from to now be joined together as on of the youngest most talented bands heard in a while.


John Fullwood
Musical Visionary

While creating his own original songs and developing his unique style as an artist and performer, John Fullwood has evolved into a musical visionary. From Orange County, California and born with a gift for creativity, he began finding expression through music and song at the early age of four. His love for music led him to study and perform many genres of music. He started playing in bands and began his recording career around the age of 13 and has since recorded and performed in many capacities including that of vocalist, guitarist, bassist, violinist and keyboardist. He's had the gratifying experience of performing with bands around Orange County and Los Angeles as well as performing on the Vans Warped Tour.

Hi is currently busy writing songs for his upcoming "John Fullwood" solo projecrt exploring new realms as he delves into the world of electronic based music. 


Jack Roberts Harvey Band

It’s time to get low-down with the fresh but well-traveled trio, Jack Roberts Harvey Band! The groove, the soul, that attitude we all relate to lives strong here, and is transmitted with pure grade-A authentication. Their music has been described as Blues / Rock, Roots / Rock, Southern / Rock and even Country. With the release of their debut CD, “Devil on a Dirt Road,” JRHB is now ready to share that music with the masses.

Although a Los Angeles, California based band, JRHB’s music is firmly rooted in the sounds of the American south and Midwest, where band members, Tony JACK Grigsby (Bass Guitar,) Jim ROBERTS (Slide Guitar and Vocals,) and Mike HARVEY (Drums and Percussion,) honed their musical chops.

These veteran purveyors of sweet grit add their own soul to the musical influences of the great blues masters. With the haunting sounds of Cigar Box Guitars and fiery southern rock tradition Slide Guitar dominating the landscape, this trio’s solid rhythm section firmly anchors down the musical foundation. Then they add strong original melodies, lyrics that paint a picture, and vocals with heart to the mix.

Encompassing a full range of styles, Jack Roberts Harvey Band can take you from the front porch of Clarksdale, Mississippi to the South Side of Chicago....and all points in between. They are equally at home rocking the house or performing an intimate ballad. Their sense of humor on stage is contagious and they are clearly having a great time doing what they love...bringing toe-tapping musical joy to audiences near and far. The musical roads of the universe have finally brought these “brothers from different mothers” together to make a sound you gotta feel to know its right!


Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Mike – 816.377.4765 cell
Tony Jack – 845.866.2486 cell



Agent E & Ruby­­

4954 Briercrest Avenue

Lakewood, CA  90713

Apparition Railway

I hear the train a comin’…. Singer, Johnny Cash

For two people who grew up near trains, he in Peach Creek, West Virginia, and she in Henderson, Kentucky; those are provocative words. Meet Apparition Railway’s duet, Agent E and Ruby.

“Trains were key to building this country,” says Ruby, “And they’re an inherently magical form of travel.”

“They represent the hard-working folk who made this country exceptional.” adds Agent E. “Yes, some were flawed, but we are still in their debt, and their intricate stories serve as inspiration for our songs. It adds a compelling quality.”

The pair, who have been compaired to The Civil Wars, met in Los Angeles, California, while lead-singing for separate bands. They clicked immediately. When Discovery Channel offered E a gig composing a TV series, he asked Ruby to team up with him. They found their talents complimented each other’s surprisingly well… so they set about nurturing a quickly successful Film/TV composing partnership.

A decade later, their BBC, Discovery Channel and National Geographic scores are heard around
the world.


But they never lost sight of those haunting mountain melodies, with their colorful life stories. “There’s a stark kind of honesty to Appalatian music,” says Agent E.


“We hope to take that and add a fresh view point” explains Ruby; who writes, sings and plays banjo and guitar. “Americana through a Steampunk lens is perfect for that; plus it’s a blast to explore. It’s such a rich sound palette, we can express so much with.”

Rythmical industrial elements the couple use include train chugs, gear clangs and steam releases. They both play a stringed instrument, and their tantalizing duets rise atop haunting chord arrangements. Their music is infectious and their stories have many fascinating moods.


So that’s what powers this train… an Ol Timey fuel mixture that’s one part compelling songwriting, and one part exceptional musicianship.

And its coming round the bend.