College Radio Day Comes To Long Beach City College

College Radio Day Comes To Long Beach City College


The first annual College Radio Day was celebrated by and sister station at the Liberal Arts Campus, Tuesday, Oct. 11, 2011. Long Beach City College is the ONLY college in AMERICA with TWO internet radio stations, operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week and managed and programmed ENTIRELY by students.

More than 350 stations around the country participated in College Radio Day, and KLBC and KCTY here at Long Beach City College presented a whole day of special programming. Both stations kicked off CRD with a broadcast of the Keynote Address, exploring the state of College Radio today.  From noon to 1 P-M they presented the first-ever live simulcast on KLBC and KCTY: a Battle of the DJs, in front of the Auditorium at Long Beach City College's L.A.C.  Additional special programming was scheduled throughout the rest of the day.

College Radio is the nation's PRIMARY SOURCE for new mu


sic--we discover and promote the artists six months or YEARS before they're played on commercial radio stations.  College Radio is also the place to hear edgy comedy, pro
vocative commentary, and coverage of the issues important to young people in America.  College Radio brings you the voices and concerns of youth, unfiltered by corporate and political oversight.

College Radio is also the training ground for the broadcasters of the future.  Here they can experiment with new ideas, sharpen their skills, and develop their unique gifts.  If you haven’t listened to or yet, GIVE THEM A LISTE
N. I know you’re going to love them.

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