KLBC Radio Club Hamburger Sale

KLBC Radio Club Hamburger Sale


Lets do lunch.  KLBC radio club kicks of its fall fundraising activities with a terrific five star hamburger sale.  This campus favorite takes place in the quad under the canopy September 15, 11:00-2:00 P.M.

Our delectable menu includes: Hamburgers $2.50, Cheeseburgers $3.00, Double Cheeseburgers $3.50, Garden Burgers (meat free) $2.50, Garden Cheeseburgers $3.00.

Add $1.00 to any of the above to make it a combo, which includes chips and a drink.

Chips $.50, Drinks (soda, water) $.75

So bring your appetite and a few bucks to the quad on September 15 and do lunch with your college radio station, KLBC.org.

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