Cleotha Staples Passes

Cleotha Staples Passes


  • According to the Bob Corritore Newsletter: RIP Cleotha Staples April 11, 1934-February 21, 2013. Cleotha died on ¬†Thursday, after years of battling¬† Alzheimer's disease.¬† She was 78 years old. Cleotha "Cleedi" Staples gave the world years of joy as the high voice in the unworldly great harmonies of the Staples Singers. Though Cleotha was the oldest of Pops Staples children, it was her sister Mavis that received the most attention as the most frequent lead vocalist of this cherished family band. But Cleotha's contributions were essential to the Staple Singers sound. "A lot of singers would try to sing like her," Mavis Staples said "Her voice would just ring in your ear. It wasn't harsh or hitting you hard, it was soothing." To find out more about her distinguished music career, click here.
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