The Prodigal Has Returned!The Prodigal Has Returned!

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WooHoo!! We’re back baby!! After our system was cross hacked on Bluehost, due to shared hosting bug/issue. Bluehost had suspended our account and all web functionality ceased working, even though we were still paying the hosting fee and when we got it un-suspended, all our data was wiped; i.e. no website… no love. That being said,

Over the past couple months Doug Wood, Ken Borgers, and Bob Hersh have been riding me for a solution to these issues and to get the site up and running once again which I am excited to announce after a very big learning curve and lots of hours of Programming core features our site, and streams from now on will be fully hosted on our own private dedicated server sponsored by none other then Mr. Ken Borgers and programmed by myself.

At the moment basic features are available but, it is all functioning and the back-end is running smoothly. I am happy to announce I have tested the site and streaming on multiple computers/mobile devices and its looking good across all devices I have tested. I will be bringing more functionality i.e. cameras, email, DJ/Staff profiles, etc online very soon.

Your Friend and Colleague,

Nathan Fineman